Why Regen America

All of our partner facilities offer a wide variety of Regenerative Medical services, ancillary procedures, and protocols aimed at enhancing human performance. We evaluate a patient and view their condition from many different angles. This allows us to offer and implement a wide variety of solutions with the core being regenerative medicine to repair, regenerate, restore and maintain successful patient outcomes. An example of our dedication to offering the latest in cutting edge service is our advanced bone marrow program for people suffering from spine, joint, and other musculoskeletal conditions. People faced with joint replacement surgery or continuous use of dangerous opioid medications may now have an option. Not all stem cell and regenerative procedures are the same.

” We utilize a very unique bone marrow harvesting system, which has shown an increase in key stem and progenitor cells when compared to the outdated procedures using centrifuged marrow that most facilities who offer bone marrow procedures continue to use. “

Why is this important:

  1. Easier on the patient, Easier on the practitioner.
  2. Price. The cutting-edge technology delivers a more effective regenerative solution at a lower price point for the doctors which is conveyed to the patient.
  3. Safety. The bone marrow aspirate does not leave the sterile field. Meaning that once we harvest the aspirate it does not go to a lab for processing where additional steps need to be taken to manage the increased risk of infection.
  4. Better End Product. We eliminate the need to centrifuge the marrow sample so our end product is of a higher quality than systems depending on a centrifuge. Centrifuge systems typically discard 80% of the aspirate due to high levels of peripheral blood. Worse, significant numbers of the desired cells ( approx. 40%) are discarded because as these cells increase in density prior to division, they are processed into the undesired red cell centrifuge component and thus discarded, substantially limiting the regenerative potential of the resulting sample.
  5. Minimal use of anticoagulants. Centrifuge systems require at least 10% dilution by volume for the addition of an anti- coagulant and another 10% dilution for a neutralizing agent. Our system eliminates these requirements.
  6. Better regenerative potential. Centrifugation methods require marrow be filtered prior to centrifugation. Filtering reduces the quality of the end product. With our procedure filtering is not required and you will get a better end product to allow for improved repair.

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“The body is not made of drugs, it is made of cells.” Cade Hilbreth