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Stem Cell Treatment is the New Frontier for Chronic Pain

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Painful surgeries, operations, painkillers, helpless diet plans, harmful antibiotics; are these satisfactory medical treatments to your health problems? There can be better options to eliminate your chronic diseases like joint and knee pain, hair loss, anti-aging and much more.

Stem cell treatment is an effective medical revolution that is totally noninvasive and is also free from any side effects. The method involves the injection of stem cells into the injured or affected area. The stem cells have the ability to transform themselves into many different types of tissues or cells, and are therefore able to differentiate into ligaments, tendons, bone, nerve, and cartilage. The latest techniques of the medical field have proved to be the major breakthrough in the field of medicine. Instead of opting for invasive treatment, which the doctors always suggest, patients now have a safe, natural and imperative solution for joint disorders and beyond.

How the stem cell therapy works?

  • Stem cells are like the body’s raw materials. All other cells with specialized functions are derived from these cells.
  • When you have an injury, the stem cells rush to the injured area and start the healing process on the spot.
  • Sometimes stem cells are unable to get through to the affected area. In that case they are placed in a centrifuge and then they are injected back to the injured area.
  • Until recently, osteoarthritis and joint pain did not receive a permanent solution but now with stem cell therapy, it has become possible to get a positive result in potentially curing these health issues.
  • With rapid development in the medical field, stem cell injections are now available which will get you rid of such chronic diseases and also heal your joints with no harmful painkillers.
  • Stem cell therapy not only addresses the symptoms but also repairs the body and restores the degenerated tissues.

What types of disorders are treated with the help of stem cell therapy?

  • The therapy is mainly used for spinal cord injuries by repairing the damaged tissues of the body.
  • It is also an effective solution for joint pain like knee, hips, ankles, hands, back, elbows.
  • It also treats osteoarthritis and other neurological diseases with natural medication.
  • It also helps patients get their hair back and is also an impulsive treatment for heart patients.
  • The therapy also is making success in curing cartilage damage and degenerative disc disease.

Benefits of stem cell therapy:

  • Initial consultations, physical tests and treatment planning all are done at a very reasonable cost.
  • Stem cell therapy is almost natural. The treatment does not use synthetic stem cells. They just take stem cells from one part of the body and then inject into the affected part.
  • The entire treatment is done in one sitting.
  • With surgery, you need months to recover but with stem cell treatment, the recovery time will be minimal without affecting your daily routine.
  • After this treatment, you will feel fit and rejuvenated.

There are different types of stem cells that are confined to their specific application. Some of them are bone marrow, umbilical tissue, umbilical blood and adipose tissue. The recovery time from a stem cell therapy is usually less. Patients who have undergone this therapy are usually suggested to resume to their work from the next day. In a few days, you will find yourself more active and the improvement will be evident.

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