Shoulder Pain Treatment

What are the causes of shoulder pain?

Shoulder is a complex arrangement containing muscles, bones, ligaments and tendons. Any injury or disruption in the joint may cause shoulder pain. Shoulder pain can be caused as a result of disruption of soft tissues of shoulder in or around the shoulder. Shoulder pain can also be caused by repetitive motion, tendon or muscular overuse, deteriorating changes and weak shoulder blade muscles. Some health conditions that cause shoulder pain are arthritis, inconstancy, fracture, tendon tear or inflammation. Tumors, nerve related conditions and infections can also cause shoulder pain.

What kinds of tests are used to investigate the causes of shoulder pain?

The most inclusive and reliable method to investigate shoulder pain is through physical examination. During the physical examination your doctor may test tendon tears, swelling, physical abnormalities, deformity or muscle weakness, range of motion and strength, to diagnose the cause of shoulder pain. Other tests performed to diagnose the shoulder pain include ultrasound or X-ray.

What are the nonsurgical treatment options for shoulder pain?

Initial treatment for shoulder pain is RICE method. It can be performed at home.

  • Rest your shoulder for some time
  • Keep ice on affected area
  • Compress the injured area
  • Elevate the injured area for few minutes

Most effective treatment option for shoulder pain is physical therapy. Your doctor may also prescribe some medications to relieve pain, numb the affected area and reduce inflammation. Other nonsurgical treatments for shoulder pain include ultrasound therapy, activity modification, postural correction, joint mobilization, soft tissue release and chiropractic care.

How to prevent shoulder pain?

Shoulder pain can be obliviated by doing regular stretching and strengthening exercise for shoulder. These exercises ensure a proper and erect posture. Avoid sudden increase in activity level and try to ease your body into the transition.