Stem Cell Therapy

Common Stem Cells Utilized:

Embryonic – Currently illegal in the USA for unregulated clinical use.  Typically derived from fetal tissue but researchers have been able to mimic these cells due to their importance in the expanding benefits of these cells in healthcare.

Bone Marrow – Autologous.  Viable stem cells obtained from the patients own bone marrow, taking 10 minutes using an FDA approved device.

Adipose Tissue – Although effective,  recently have become highly scrutinized due to multiple step processing.

Umbilical Blood and/or Tissue – Allograft (from a donor) – Must be obtained from an outside certified lab for use clinically and should be accompanied by third party documentation explaining the who, what, when, where of the sample you are to receive.


Using Stem Cells to treat common conditions in the United States is finally becoming part of routine treatment protocols as we continue to show compelling outcomes for people suffering with a wide variety of conditions. It has even become more prevalent for stem cells and/ or platelet rich plasma (PRP) to be added following surgical repair procedures such as in the case of spinal, rotator cuff and knee surgeries due to their healing and regenerative properties. Stem Cells have been used extensively in the United States for wound care, bone marrow transplants and are used to manage blood disease with the use of blood stem cells. Many individuals with leukemia have been treated with stem cell therapy. These cells serve a specific purpose in a particular organ. They are able to make indefinite copies of themselves.

Stem Cells, young, undifferentiated cells, are being found in more areas of the body than previously thought. Stem cells can be found in the bone marrow, eyes, liver, kidneys, umbilical blood and even in wisdom and baby teeth.  This is just a brief list.

Another brief list is the following of Professional Athletes who have utilized Stem Cell injections to be at the top of their game and heal from injuries that previously would require surgery and long periods of healing time:

Rafael Nadal (Tennis), Cristiano Ronaldo (Prof. Soccer), Tiger Woods (PGA), Kobe Bryant (Ret. NBA), Bruce Koepka ( PGA Masters Champion),  Alex Rodriquez (Ret. New York Yankee’s), Josh Hamilton, Takshi Saito, Steph Curry (NBA), Terrell Owens (Ret. NFL), Marquis Maze (MBA), Cliff Lee (Ret. Phila. Phillies), Bartolo Colon, Ahmed Bradshaw (New York Giants), Jack Nicklaus (Ret. Pro Golfer), Jose Contreras ( Phila. Phillies)You can read the complete article, located on our resources page, WHY ATHLETES LOVE STEM CELL THERAPY.

We encourage people to find out if stem cell therapy may be an option for their condition(s) and possibly help them avoid surgery.

Other than the financial investment, which we can appreciate, stem cell procedures, when done properly have very little down side in comparison to having invasive surgeries.

People seeking care tend to have a big misconception and that is that joint replacement surgery or other surgical procedures will solve their current condition whether it be pain, degenerative joint disease (arthritis) or other neuromusculoskeletal problems.  In reality these types of surgeries come with some very serious down sides and in a number of cases these surgeries become the very beginning of dealing with life long issues that have been created by the surgery.