Hair regeneration Treatment

Alopecia is different for every individual and stem cell possess a unique approach for every case so it’s important to consult your physician if you are interested in commencing a treatment program


Platelet Rich Plasma for Alopecia

PRP Stimulates Growth and Regeneration of Follicles
Platelet Rich Plasma (PRP) is known to contain more than 20 different growth factors, which are important in promoting cell proliferation and differentiation. These properties are thought to lead to its beneficial effects on acne scarring and wound healing.

PRP Injection Shows Significant Effects in AA Lesions
PRP Administration leads to major improvement in AA lesions, with 60% of patients achieving complete remission at study termination. It should be noted that spontaneous remissions have been reported to occur in 34-50% of patients at 1 year.

PRP Enhances the Hair Graft Survival
Storing hair grafts in PRP can enhance graft survival, improve hair density and stimulate the growth of transplanted follicular units.