Dermal fillers Treatment

As the human body becomes older, changes to the biological makeup of the face naturally occur. This provides the individual with evident aging signs such as crow’s feet and smile lines. Many people want to reduce the signs of aging and maintain their youthful glow. This is where dermal fillers come in.

Dermal fillers are a minimally-invasive cosmetic treatment that can be used to reduce the appearance of wrinkles, facial creases, recessed scars, and thin lips. Dermal fillers only require a simple injection under the skin to enhance tissue support and structure. When successful, dermal fillers can effectively make your face and skin look years younger.

Dermal fillers can vary in stiffness, allowing an expert dermatologist to make your face both look and feel years younger. Stiffer dermal fillers can enhance the appearance of cheekbones, while softer fillers can be used to plump lips and smooth out cheeks. Dermal fillers can also be used to soften the face, thus reducing creases and wrinkles that become more prominent over time.

Advantages of Dermal Fillers

The primary advantage of a dermal filler is the ability to correct and smooth wrinkles with better precision. They are also more effective at eliminating deeper wrinkles than alternative treatments. It is also advantageous to use dermal fillers in place of more invasive surgical procedures as the treatments are quick and relatively painless. Your dermal filler expert can also manipulate the dermal fillers as the treatments proceed to ensure that you achieve the desired look.

At Discover Optimal Healthcare, our expert dermatologists can discuss your beauty goals, and work with you to create a personalized dermal filler plan. Many patients saying that dermal filler injection pain is minimal, and recovery from the pain takes little time. Treatments also take very little time, from 15 minutes for a simple treatment, up to an hour for more extensive injection options.

If you have wrinkles or scars you want to reduce or eliminate, or if you simply want to take years off of your life, talk with a skin expert at Discover Optimal Healthcare and find out if dermal fillers skin treatment therapy is for you.