Botox Treatment

Botox for wrinkle reduction is one of the hottest cosmetic treatments of the 21st century. Botox treatments have increased over 700 percent since 2000, with over six million people receiving Botox skin smoothing in 2013 alone. Whether you want to reverse the sands of time, or smooth your skin for your next selfie, Botox can be the secret to enhancing your beauty.

One of the biggest advantages of Botox is that it can be easily targeted to give you the greatest wrinkle reduction with as little treatment as possible. Using professional application techniques, a dermatologist skilled in Botox application can precisely target the areas of your face that will give you the greatest skin-smoothing benefits.

How does Botox work?

Botox is derived from a botulinum toxin that has been refined to be safe for medical use. When you come in for your Botox treatment, our expert medical staff discusses your desired look, and determine the best course of treatment. Using their extensive experience, your Discover Optimal professional will gently inject the toxin just underneath the skin of a target area, using the smallest needles possible. Before you know it, your Botox expert will complete your treatment regimen, and you’ll be on your way home. Some patients may experience a bit of redness or minor bruising around the treatment area, but it usually heals within a day or two.

For millions of men and women around the world, Botox has proven remarkably effective at reducing the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles. Treatments of Botox are relatively painless, and our anti-aging experts can talk you through exactly what to expect when you visit us for your Botox treatment. Many of our patients have discovered that they see the best results when they repeat their Botox treatments every four to six months.