Allergy Testing and Treatment

A whopping one in five Americans suffer from allergies, a figure that has grown at unprecedented rates across all demographics in recent decades. A major cause of missed days from work and school, allergies are not only irritating and painful, they can be downright costly.

If you or your loved one is plagued by frequent itchy throat, runny nose, red eyes, sneezing, asthma, or other allergy symptoms, it’s time you stopped in for a visit. Our team of medical practitioners at Lyceum Physical Medicine offers the latest in allergy testing and treatment, combining medical and holistic approaches for fast, effective relief.

Our thorough diagnostic tools will evaluate your allergic responses to hundreds of different foods, additives, colorings, chemicals, medicinal herbs, molds, and pharmaceutical compounds. At last, you’ll reap the benefits of knowing exactly which irritants have been causing your harmful immune responses.

In addition to traditional testing and treatment, we’re proud to offer a number of groundbreaking allergy solutions. Come to our offices to learn about:

  • Allergyworx, a needle-free testing and therapy program that attacks the source of allergies, not the symptoms
  • Sublingual immunotherapy treatment, an effective homeopathic treatment you administer at home after receiving instructions from our doctors

Need allergy shots in time for ragweed season? We have those, too. Find lasting relief from the sneezing, runny nose, and itchy throat that cause you to suffer through the most beautiful time of year.

You are not alone in coping with debilitating allergies. Schedule an appointment with us today! We’re thrilled when we can drastically improve a patient’s quality of life through a customized course of testing and treatment.

Food Sensitivities

Regen America Philadelphia provides testing and treatment for food sensitivities, not to be confused with food allergies. Unlike allergies, which involve an immune response, food sensitivities cause negative reactions for more complex, mysterious reasons, making them more difficult to diagnose. But diagnosing them is vital, since an increasing body of evidence suggests that food sensitivities are more widespread and more harmful than previously realized.

Food sensitivities can cause any number of symptoms, some more subtle than others. Vomiting, diarrhea, eczema, hives, and wheezing are common side effects, but so are fatigue, gas, bloating, mood swings, anxiety, low energy, migraines, joint pain, acne, and even stubborn weight loss. As you can see, it’s possible to suffer from a food sensitivity and attribute its symptoms to other causes!

If your health isn’t what you want it to be despite your best efforts, consider being tested for food sensitivities today. You would be surprised how drastically our patients lives have changed once they began avoiding foods that were causing them toxic responses.

Scared you can’t live without gluten, lactose, or some other irritant? Not to worry. Our nutrition experts provide counseling for achieving a balanced diet in light of food sensitivities.