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You’ve likely heard of the “Vampire Facial” that utilizes your body’s natural healing factors to smooth wrinkles and rejuvenate your skin, but did you realize how powerful the treatment could be?

This ex-soldier’s manhood has been restored, in spite of a horrific injury that left him wondering if he could ever re-gain the love life he once had. Spoiler alert: the treatment was a huge success!

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The Ketogenic Diet is gaining immense popularity across the United States, but it is it really about? What do people eat? This is a complete guide to the diet and allows you to see if this is right for you

It’s been called the Wild West of beauty thanks to barely-there regulation and a slew of marketing misnomers, but let’s clear the air: CBD isn’t just a fleeting trend. Ask many top doctors, hemp farmers, and beauty brands, and they’ll tell you we’re only on the forefront of exploring what this miracle ingredient can do. Jennifer Aniston uses CBD to calm her nerves, Dakota Johnson keeps it in her carry-on to get good sleep on long flights and Mandy Moore rubs it on her feet before walking a red Read the full story

Here’s a great article on how to detect Inflammation in the body and tips on how to avoid it. This article is great for anyone feeling not quite like themselves and needs a pick me up. Enjoy!

Great article on how Mesenchymal stem cells (MSCs) can help and some of the drawbacks or downside. This article applies directly to Osteoarthritis.

This is a couple of infographics related to stem cells. It breaks down the different facets into fairly simple terms. Quick read!

This is a great peer reviewed article on how bone marrow stem cells can effectively treat osteoarthritis. This dives more into the science behind the treatment. There are contributions from quite a few good doctors in the field and many great sources. Check it out! This is the real science.

This is content from a group down in Texas that is doing the same things that we are doing here at Regen America. It shows the difference between stem cells from bone marrow and other regenerative medicine products that are derived from umbilical cord blood. The benefits of bone marrow are astounding.

There is an obvious direct correlation between obesity and joint pain. This article dives into how to lose weight with joint pain and how losing weight will help your joint pain. It can become a vicious cycle for many people.

This article takes a different approach. Once you have had your stem cell procedure, what next? This will dive into the next steps, what to expect and how your body is coping with the treatment.

This video – produced by the Mayo Clinic – shows an actual treatment of stem cells. It is quick and almost painless. If you are nervous about the treatment watch this video.

Diet can also help alleviate joint pain. Healthy fats like Omega 3s are perfect for keeping your joints lose and maintaining a healthy joint. Check this article out if you need help with forming your diet to alleviate joint pain.

Here it is again, stem cells helping treat arthritis and osteoarthritis. This is a breakthrough for all those suffering in pain. If you know someone with arthritis tell them to call us. We can help.

Check it out… Did you know there are “superfoods” that can help transform your body into a healthy, disease-fighting machine! There’s even one “superfood” for your brain that can protect you from dementia, improve your memory, and even help you grow new brain cells. We have a great article that will inform you on how to nourish your brain with delicious foods that promote a sharp mind and protect your brain cells from damage.
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