A Beauty Model’s Skin Secrets

A Beauty Model’s Skin Secrets

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There is an undeniable truth that beauty models and A-listers possess immaculate skin. When it comes to secrets behind the captivating beauty, we want to know it all – their beauty routine, their sleep hours, the amount of water they consume, so on and so forth.

Luckily, after a secret investigation, we have figured out a mysterious beauty treatment. So, let’s uncover it together.

It is none other than a vampire facial! A treatment gaining popularity among famous figures like Kim Kardashian and Victoria Secret model Bar Rafaeli.

Although it may sound sinister in nature, it is actually completely harmless.

Beauty treatment becomes well-known and becomes a mainstream cosmetic for a year.

So, if Kim Kardashian was spotted with blood on her face, it wasn’t a criminal shoot, nor was she a victim of a bloody crime. The highest probability was she was undergoing a vampire facial.

It became the talk of the town and everyone wanted it. Even the clinics were happy to provide their services for the procedure.

Let’s dig a little deeper now,

The tremendous power of the body to heal itself is well-known. The newly introduced facial also utilizes a person’s own blood to rejuvenate the skin besides removing fine lines, wrinkles, acne, and scars.

Now, with all of these benefits, the skin texture is going to improve and anti-aging is assured.

The treatment is widely referred to as a vampire facial, which actually is a PRP treatment for the face.

So, what is a PRP treatment?

Platelet-rich plasma or PRP treatment is a rejuvenation technique that employs a person’s own blood to stimulate the production of new tissues. The platelets are responsible for the production of protein and other growth factors.

The process for a PRP treatment

First, a small amount of blood is drawn from the patient.

This extracted blood is then spun in a centrifuge for about 15 minutes. This separates the plasma from the red blood cells.

The concentrated amounts of platelets and plasma are then combined.

Lastly, this combination is then carefully injected into the affected areas of the skin where improvement is needed.

PRP treatment is a promise for healthier skin. Let us learn its benefits-

1. Natural Rejuvenation – A PRP treatment does not involve any chemical or plumping agents. The rejuvenation happens naturally as the body responds to the introduction of the concentrated amount of blood platelets.

2. Risk-free – As the treatment uses the patient’s own blood and no other source, the procedure is risk-free and naturally undertaken.

3. Simple procedure – It would be surprising to know that treatment with ample benefits is simple. There are no complicated procedures, no deep peeling of skin.

4. Long-lasting results – First of all, the treatment does not require any downtime, plus the results last a long time. As there is no risk involved, the procedure can be done multiple times to extend the results.

The treatment is gaining popularity due to its number of benefits. When conducted thoroughly, healing platelets found within the blood render similar benefits as a facelift, without surgery and necessary recovery time. In fact, PRP treatment has benefits beyond the cosmetic world.

Several experts in the field profess that there are tremendous benefits in using the body to heal itself. So skin rejuvenation is promising on injecting platelets on the face.

Affected areas like cheeks, neck and even the eyes get injected after numbness, to avoid any kind of discomfort.

Getting back to the vampire facial treatment, you must be wondering if it’s painful as the blood is extracted from your own body?

Well, as the treatment is performed under a general anesthetic cream, it makes the procedure relatively less painful.

About the results, one needs to wait for at least 3 to 4 weeks. It takes around one and a half hour to get the treatment done to get a rejuvenated skin!

One more celeb to get the vampire facial treatment is TOWIE babe Ferne McCann.

The treatment is effective because of the increased platelets in improving skin texture. It stimulates collagen production and promote tissue recovery, smoothes the skin while removing fine lines and wrinkles. Also, there is no risk or reaction occurring from the treatment. Anybody who wishes to get it done repeatedly can receive without any fear of suffering from side effects.

At Regen America, we envision that our patients receive life-changing benefits from regenerative medicine. So, we adopt a holistic approach that not only treats the patient but boosts overall human performance.

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